Responsible (-e) Leadership

In today’s digital environment, e-leaders need a clear vision of how digital technologies can be developed, applied and managed to gain an edge over their competitors.
In other words, we need e-leaders able to integrate different skills in their companies, both technical skills (IT, CRMs, programming, databases, etc), and soft skills (communicating clear directives, solving problems, inspiring common visions, leading by example, instilling courage, discussing paradigms, and coding winning attitudes.)

Our goals

  • are to acquire techniques to increase one's influence and the level of consensus management.
  • How to generate trust and promote an open culture geared towards innovation.

The key points and tasks of the workshop

  • Recognize and apply winning attitudes to effective leadership at the service of the client.
  • Increase awareness of your driving style and learn to recognize other styles.

Teaching methodology

Active experimentation, analysis of case studies, role playing, project work and business game.