Il Cenacolo di Valore

The purpose of Il Cenacolo di Valore reserved for companies is to raise the standard of semantic capital in companies, which is specific to humans and is not the terrain of artificial intelligence. In this scene of great digital transformation, human and corporate relations must be increasingly in the forefront. The winning skills will be the ones that increasingly add meaning and sense to the reality of the world around us

President & ceo at Valore srl. and Chairman of Il Cenacolo di Valore

Il Cenacolo di Valore is an essential forum to discuss business, macroeconomic, and value opportunities. I have had the pleasure to participate, and it provides a unique platform to discuss and learn with business leaders from all over the world. I would like to congratulate Il Cenacolo for celebrating its 100th session. I am sure there will be 1,000 more, at least

Chief Economist Tressis

In today’s world we are surrounded by a number of difficult challenges which we have to face in our daily lives. Whether we dedicate our efforts to politics, to business or to personal matters, we are constantly faced with difficult choices which can determine our future. The best way forward for us all, is to anchor our decisions to those values that we embrace and that we believe in. Il Cenacolo di Valore has been a constant beacon for all of us who are given the opportunity to benefit from the experience, wisdom and knowledge of those who have participated in the Cenacolo over the years. I wish to express my sincere thanks on this important occasion when the Cenacolo is celebrating its 100th session

Lawrence Gonzi
Former Prime Minister of Malta (2004 to 2013)

Il Cenacolo di Valore, in its successful formula, recovers the ancient project of the Greek scholè: to promote the spread of the practice of critical-discerning thinking, the only true antidote to the dangerous virus of fake-truths

Stefano Zamagni
Full Professor of Economics at the University of Bologna (Faculty of Economics) - Professor of International Political Economy alla The Johns Hopkins University

Il Cenacolo di Valore is the modern and effective formula to recover the spirit of the Greek Agora, which derives from the Greek ageyro, that is, "to gather, to convoke" and therefore means "physical assembly of citizens

Francesco Profumo
President of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation and President of ACRI (Association of Foundations and Savings Banks S.p.A.), Full Professor of Electrical Machines and Drives at the Polytechnic of Turin (of which he was also Rector)